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Objective-C Question

UISearchController like Maps of Apple

I'm developing an iOS app using Objective C.
I implemented UISearchController , It works fine I just wanted to be like Maps of Apple but it's not the case the buttons on the navigation bar doesn't disappear
here is some screenshot .

Any ideas ?!

Before click

After click


Try to use the delegate method of UISearchBar like this

On begin editing of UISearchBar remove the Navigation button like this

func searchBarShouldBeginEditing(searchBar: UISearchBar) -> Bool {
    self.navigationItem.leftBarButtonItem = nil
    self.navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem = nil
    return true

On cancel button click add the navigation button again

func searchBarCancelButtonClicked(searchBar: UISearchBar) {
    //Add the code you are using to previously set navigation with buttons and UISearchBar

Hope this will help you.