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Android Question

Scroll textfield up when keyboard popsup

I am using html5/javascript/jQuery/css for mobile app development. I have multiple textareas in the app. When I click on that to input, keyboard popup (android tab). But the textarea stays where it's on that page. How can I scroll page when keyboard pops up.

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with jQuery, get the textarea's offset().top value then set document scroll position using scrollTop()

var $htmlOrBody = $('html, body'), // scrollTop works on <body> for some browsers, <html> for others
    scrollTopPadding = 8;

$('textarea').focus(function() {
    // get textarea's offset top position
    var textareaTop = $(this).offset().top;
    // scroll to the textarea
    $htmlOrBody.scrollTop(textareaTop - scrollTopPadding);

jsfiddle example

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