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Trying to get iframe to appear on hover

currently i am working on a website for a fictional event as part of a project im doing so i can get myself back up to speed with web development for university. Currently i am trying to get a countdown timer to appear on hover. However im not the best at js and i am leaving it for another day. What i want to know is if there is a way for an iframe to appear on hover.

This is what i have:

<div id="sub1" onmouseover="<iframe src="$('#countdown').load(' #countdown');>some text</div>

Granted i get this is pretty butchered. Any help or suggestions are appreciated

Answer Source

Use jQuery! Sorry for the ugly script, I'm sure you can do better :)

  $('#idModal').css("display", "block");

  $('#idModal').css("display", "none");
display: none;  
    <div id="idToHover"> Hello World </div>
    <div id="idModal">
      <iframe src=""></iframe>

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