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Laravel's Eloquent's 'with' array is breaking

I am trying to abstract my models using a single base class. I have three models that inherit from the same base:

  1. Repair

  2. Inspection

  3. Purchase

I am able to successfully create and persist the models to the DB, but when fetching I get a blank screen, no errors are thrown. When I remove the
attribute everything seems to work.

Heres the code:

abstract class ItemType extends Model
public $timestamps = false;
protected $with = ['details'];

public function details()
return $this->morphOne(Item::class, 'type', 'item_details_type', 'item_details_id', 'id');

class Repair extends ItemType
protected $table = 'repairs';
protected $guarded = ['id', 'created_at', 'updated_at'];
protected $morphClass = self::class;
class Inspection extends ItemType {}
class Purchase extends ItemType {}

Answer Source

I ended up using morphTo() relationships without the need for an abstract class.

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