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Javascript Question

Masonry JS Overlapping Items

I have a very strange problem in here: The first row product items overlapped with the items in the second row.

The masonry items are below the homepage above the footer. As you can see, it looks different with Chrome. In firefox, it looks good.

Here's how it looks in my chrome:

My jQuery Code is:

var $container = $('.woocommerce ul.products');
gutterWidth: 15,
itemSelector: '.product-category'

Is there any css rule which affects the row output ?

Answer Source

The problem is your images. By the time masonry is called, your images haven't loaded. So it's assuming the height of your elements WITHOUT the height of the image being factored in.

If you refresh your screen after the images are already cached, you'll see that it loads correctly. If you then clear cache and refresh, you'll see they overlap again.

Four Five options:

  • Wait until the images are finished loading (there are plugins that you can wait until all images inside a certain div are loaded, for example)
  • Wait for the load event instead of the ready event. Instead of using jQuery(function($){ use jQuery(window).on('load', function(){ var $ = jQuery; and you'll see the results.
  • Re-apply masonry after the images load (Don't like this one... you'd see flicker)
  • My favorite, don't use masonry here! Disable JS on your page and look at the layout. It's what you want. All the divs are even heights and even widths. There's not really a reason to use masonry here. Just float your elements and let them display in the grid naturally.
  • EDIT: another option. Specify a height of the divs so the height doesn't depend on the images it's loading.
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