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Delete subfolders and files in

Is it possible to delete all the subfolders (with content) and files within a folder?

For example:

  • Backup

    • November

      • pic1.jpg

      • pic2.jpg

    • December

    • January

      • pic3.jpg

    • example1.txt

    • example2.txt

    • example3.txt

There is a root folder (Backup). This root folder contains 3 subfolders (with content) and 3 text files. How can I delete the whole content (3 subfolders and 3 files) of the Backup folder without deleting the root folder (Backup) itself?

Answer Source

The Directory class has a Delete method that accepts a parameter that forces the deleting operation recursively on the folder passed

' Loop over the subdirectories and remove them with their contents
For Each d in Directory.GetDirectories("C:\Backup")
    Directory.Delete(d, true)

' Finish removing also the files in the root folder
For Each f In Directory.GetFiles("c:\backup") 

FROM MSDN Directory.Delete

Deletes the specified directory and, if indicated, any subdirectories and files in the directory.