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JSON Question

python json print empty value

When I print

, I get an empty value?

banner = {
"STATUS": "S",
"When": 1470157636,
"Code": 11,
"Msg": "Summary",
"Description": "nsgminer 0.9.2"
"MHS av":0.00,
"Found Blocks":0,
"Hardware Errors":0,
"Get Failures":2,
"Local Work":180,
"Remote Failures":0,
"Network Blocks":17,
"Total MH":0.0000,
"Work Utility":0.00,
"Difficulty Accepted":0.00000000,
"Difficulty Rejected":0.00000000,
"Difficulty Stale":0.00000000,
"Best Share":0

Answer Source
print banner['STATUS'][0]['Description'] # 0 will tell its the 0th index of the list

'Status' key holds a list. Since 'Description' is placed in the 1st dictionary in that list, [0] is needed to access the 1st dictionary.

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