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How to clone all repos at once from GitHub?

I have a company GitHub account and I want to back up all of the repositories within, accounting for anything new that might get created for purposes of automation. I was hoping something like this:

git clone*.git

or similar would work, but it doesn't seem to like the wildcard there.

Is there a way in Git to clone and then pull everything assuming one has the appropriate permissions?

Answer Source

I don't think it's possible to do it that way. Your best bet is to find and loop through a list of an Organization's repositories using the API.

Try this:

  • Create an API token by going to Account Settings -> Applications
  • Make a call to: http://${GITHUB_BASE_URL}/api/v3/orgs/${ORG_NAME}/repos?access_token=${ACCESS_TOKEN}
  • The response will be a JSON array of objects. Each object will include information about one of the repositories under that Organization. I think in your case, you'll be looking specifically for the ssh_url property.
  • Then git clone each of those ssh_urls.

It's a little bit of extra work, but it's necessary for GitHub to have proper authentication.

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