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PowerShell Question

7 zip command line equivalent to the explorer extension

I am looking for the 7-zip command line call that is the equivalent to the explorer extension option of

Add to ""

7 Zip Explorer Extension

I have tried:

& 7z C:\path\To\SecondAttempt, C:\path\to\

And I get the following

7-Zip [64] 16.02 : Copyright (c) 1999-2016 Igor Pavlov : 2016-05-21

Command Line Error:

Unsupported command:


Does anyone know the command line equivalent of the explorer extension for 7-Zip?

Answer Source

Fo 7Zip this should be the correct syntax

 . .\7z.exe a C:\path\to\ "C:\path\To\SecondAttempt"

But I would prefer to use directly .NET

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.IO.Compression.FileSystem
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