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How to copy virtual devices downloaded by Genymotion to another machine?

I have installed Genymotion for Android in one machine (windows PC) and downloaded a Nexus virtual device. How can I copy the virtual device to another development machine?

or do I have to download again for each dev machine?

Genymotion is storing the virtual devices in {users folder}\VirtualBox Vms

How can this virtual box can be moved to another machine and loaded into Genymotion?

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The files in the VirtualBox folder are likely just the actual machine configurations, not the downloaded image files.

On my system (Windows 8 x64) the downloaded images are located here:


Inside this folder is another folder called LaunchPad. If you copy this folder to the same location on your other machine it should work.

I would advise you install and run Genymobile on the other machine, then exit it and copy the folder mentioned above. Re-launching it should then pickup the image files.

You will have to re-create the actual devices, but you won't have to download the images again.

I have also noticed that you only need to download 4 images - any tablet with/without google apps and any phone with/without google apps. All the different phones/tablets use the same physical images once they are downloaded.

UPDATE (for Genymotion v1.1.0):
The folder for has changed in v1.1.0 - it is now called Genymotion instead of LaunchPad, but it is still in the path indicated above. In order to retain already downloaded images (from v1.0), rename the LaunchPad folder to Genymotion (or copy it's contents if it already exists).

Update for Genymotion v2.0+:
The folder is now called Genymotion (instead of Launchpad) but it's contents remain the same, just copy it to your other installations.

Additionally, images with Google Apps are no longer available - so you only need to download 2 images per version (phone/tablet). To get Google Apps in Genymotion there is a solution posted on XDA.

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