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Copy all files from directory to another with Grunt.js copy

I'm trying to copy all the files in a directory to another directory as part of my build process. It works fine for individual files that I specify explicitly but when I try to copy the whole directory it does weird things like copies the full directory structure (or nothing at all). Here is the relevant part from my GruntFile.js:

copy: {
myvoice: {
files: [
{ src:"src/html/index.html", dest:"dist/myvoice/index.html" },
{ src:"src/html/css/style.css", dest:"dist/myvoice/css/style.css" },
{ src:"src/html/js/require.js", dest:"dist/myvoice/js/require.js" },
{ src:"build/myvoice/main.js", dest:"dist/myvoice/js/main.js" },
{ src:"src/html/css/fonts/*", dest:"dist/myvoice/css/fonts/" }

Specifically it's the last line that I can't get to work:

{ src:"src/html/css/fonts/*", dest:"dist/myvoice/css/fonts/" }

Answer Source

The flatten: true option as in this answer might work for some cases, but it seems to me that the more common requirement (as in my case) is to copy a folder and its sub-folder structure, as-is, to dest. It seems that in most cases if you have sub-folders, they are probably being referenced that way in code. The key to doing this is the cwd option, which will preserve folder structure relative to the specified working directory:

copy: {
  files: {
    cwd: 'path/to/files',  // set working folder / root to copy
    src: '**/*',           // copy all files and subfolders
    dest: 'dist/files',    // destination folder
    expand: true           // required when using cwd
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