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iOS Question

Must I wait for Alamofire to finish post request or is it all asynchronous

I wonder how Alamofire run asynchronous?

When a user taps a button in my app this gets fired:

Alamofire.request(.POST, "www.someaddress", parameters: parameters, headers: headers, encoding: .JSON)
.responseJSON() { response in
//Do nothing..

Is the user still able to go back to the previous VC or must I wait for the Alamofire Post request to return?

Answer Source

You dont need to care about that, Alamofire runs all request asynchronous.

Check out the docu here:

Networking in Alamofire is done asynchronously. Asynchronous programming may be a source of frustration to programmers unfamiliar with the concept, but there are very good reasons for doing it this way.

And all requests still run automatically on an background-thread too. So you dont need to wait till the request is finished (No UI Interaction will be blocked)

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