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Error Creating json project configuration file for Implementing GCM Client on Android

I am trying to get gcm working in my app.
It is my job to update the app from the Eclipse build to the Android studio build.
In the Android Studio build it no longer works to just plug in gcm.jar, so
I am following this documentation: to get my app running with gcm.

In order to do that I need to create a json configuration file.
To make that file I must give google's configuration file creator my appId and my packageName.

I have entered them into google's form, and upon entry I get the error: "There was an unknown error while processing the request. Try again."

This error message is very vague.

I have attempted again in internet explorer with the same result.

Is there possibly an error with my appId and packageName? How would I find out?
It is possible that this service is just down and I should wait until tomorrow, but I want to exhaust all my options first.

My appId and packageName are both ""

Answer Source

Just found out a moment ago that creating a client ID for the app in developer console project removes this error and allows the config file to be created...

Developer console projects
APIs & auth
Create new client ID:
  Installed application
  Enter package name
  Enter SHA1 for RELEASE OR DEBUG (which ever one you want it to work with)
  Make deep linking choice

Then went back to the page and it works. Could be other stuff in the console that you need to do but idk as I already have other stuff set up.

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