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Android TextView Timer

For my Android application there is a timer that measures how much time has passed. Ever 100 milliseconds I update my TextView with some text like "Score: 10 Time: 100.10 seconds". But, I find the TextView only updates the first few times. The application is still very responsive, but the label will not update. I tried to call .invalidate(), but it still does not work. I don't know if there is some way to fix this, or a better widget to use.

Here is a example of my code:

float seconds;
java.util.Timer gametimer;
void updatecount() { TextView t = (TextView)findViewById(;
t.setText("Score: 10 - Time: "+seconds+" seconds");
public void onCreate(Bundle sis) {
... Load the UI, etc...
gametimer.schedule(new TimerTask() { public void run() {
seconds+=0.1; updatecount();
} }, 100, 100);

Answer Source

The general solution is to use android.os.Handler instead which runs in the UI thread. It only does one-shot callbacks, so you have to trigger it again every time your callback is called. But it is easy enough to use. A blog post on this topic was written a couple of years ago:

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