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Swift Question

UI Testing Failure

Here is auto generated code. I didn't modified it.

func testExample() {

let app = XCUIApplication()
let defaultStaticText = app.tables.staticTexts["Default"]

Error I got is:

UI Test Activity:
Assertion Failure: UI Testing Failure - Failure getting list of active applications: AX error -25205

Screenshot of the app:

App screenshots displaying 1 app with screens. Table view with 3 options and sign up screen.

All I did during the test is tapping on the Default row on top. I did this in Simulator. The error appears on the last line:

Answer Source

Have you tried to use completely different names for “Default” and “Default configured”? I think you get multiple cells for
let defaultStaticText = app.tables.staticTexts["Default"]

You can learn more from here.

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