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Python dict.get() raises KeyError

I am getting lost here, Python 2.7, I have a dictionary

, and I use the
method, which by documentation says:

get(key[, default])
Return the value for key if key is in the
dictionary, else default. If default is not given, it defaults to
None, so that this method never raises a

but I still get

File "/home/ubuntu/subscription-workers/commands/dr/", line 48, in rebill
if mt.get('is_rebill', 0) == 1:
KeyError: 'is_rebill'

Any ideas why?

is a normal
, that sometimes does not have the key.

Answer Source

So I nailed the problem down. Before this code was put in place there was this one

File "/home/ubuntu/subscription-workers/commands/dr/", line 48, in rebill
    if mt['is_rebill'] == 1:
KeyError: 'is_rebill'

The problem was that there were .pyc files from the older version, but the stack trace was loading the actual code. After running

find . -name "*.pyc" -exec rm -rf {} \;

and reloading the app everything was fine and without problems.

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