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How can I update the content from a rails app in all devices being used?

I really don't have a clue on how to do this. So when admin, deletes or adds a posts, I want people who are viewing the app to automatically see the new content without them having to refresh. I researched and some say websockets. But is there any other way to do this? or What is the best way?

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Indeed, what you are looking for is websocket. The app will "subscribe" users to a channel (which can be attached to a page for example). Then you create events for this channel, in your case:

 - when an admin create a post, create a create_post event
 - when an admin  delete a post, create a delete_post event

Then, you can trigger actions when a new event is created. When a delete_post event is created, hide the post in the page. When a create_post event is created, append it.

You have multiple solutions for this. Rails 5 includes ActionCable, which is a websocket "system" integrated into rails (Here is a tutorial). Or you have external solutions, such as pusher.

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