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Is there a REST API for Azure App Services

Looking through the Azure Reference I can't find any references to the REST API (or any API) for Azure App Services, Service Plans, Web apps etc

Is there a REST API for Azure App Services?

I have seen Are there no Rest Api for deploying Azure Websites? But there have been a huge number of changes to Azure since 2013.

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UPDATE - 01-Mar-2017

The answer below is obsolete as when the answer was provided the REST API was not documented. It is now :). The REST API documentation is available here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/rest/api/appservice/.

I'm sure that there's a REST API. It's just that it is not documented yet.

Whenever I need to find REST API for something that has not been documented, one thing I normally do is run Azure PowerShell Cmdlets in debug mode. It tells me all the information I need (though I must say that it is not a substitute for documentation).

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