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RTL'ing PHP hrm system - menu not working

I purchased Advanced HRM system from CodeCanyon and rtl'd it using that CSS.
Now the system menu (username: admin, password: admin.password) is not switching off, and by that not responsive as well. Support through CodeCanyon is not relevant, since they doesn't support RTL.
How can I fix it ?

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Your style-custom.css is a bit wrong.

The menu works in a way that it moves the menu "off screen" using a minus value as margin. When you added your own CSS, you did set the margin to 0 instead of a negative value.

Here are some changes to make it be "hidden" and to scroll out on mouse over: (which worked when I tested in the browser):

/* Change this one */
.left-nav-bar {
    right: 0px;
    margin-left: 0px;
    margin-right: -190px; /* This hides it by pulling it off screen */

/* Add this one */
.left-nav-bar:hover {
    margin-right: 0; /* This positions it on the screen again */

If you want to adjust how much that is visible when it's "hidden", just adjust the value -190px.

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