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Validation in Bootstrap wysiwyg5 editor

I am using Bootstrap wysiwyg5 editor as a part of a form.

This text area happens to be a required field(should not be empty). I want to validate if the user has entered any value on to this field or not. I see that Bootstrap wysiwyg uses a Iframe to display the content. I tried to access the content of the iframe's body in jQuery by doing this:


but failed.

My question is: How do I check if the user has entered some text in this Bootstrap wysiwyg
. Please help me out.

PS: I saw this question, but it was not very helpful.

Answer Source

I know the question is old, but maybe help somebody looking for this..

To make the JQuery Validation work with WysiHtml5, just set the plugin to not ignore hidden textareas:

   ignore: ":hidden:not(textarea)",     
   rules: {     
       WysiHtmlField: "required"
   submitHandler: function(form) { ... }
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