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How to replace special character using regex in Mule Dataweave transformation?

Suppose I have an XML file of details of employee such as id, name and address and now I want to convert it into JSON file and before the conversation I want to replace specified special character (- , /) with blank space in address field of json document

below are my Dataweave transformation code

%dw 1.0
%output application/json
payload map ((payload01 , indexOfPayload01) -> {
Id: payload01 .d as :string,
Name: payload01.Name as :string,
Address: payload01.Address replace /(?)/ with " "

So what should I write within replace /()/ function to replace specials character , - and / with blank space?

Answer Source

Please try the following code

Address: payload01.Address replace /([\-\,\/])/ with " "
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