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SQL Question

Select top N rows for each group

I have the following MS Access DB schema:

DB schema

I want to select rows from Items table ordered by Items.score so that there are at most Group.top_count rows for each group.

For example I have the following data in the tables:

Group table:

Group table

Items table:

Items table

I want to select top 2 items for group #1 and top 1 item for group #2. So the result must contain rows 1, 2 and 5.

There was a similar question at DBA stackexchange, but about SQL Server. So all answers used SQL Server syntax and I couldn't adapt it to work on MS Access.

Answer Source

If there were a constant number per group, you could do:

select i.*
from items as i inner join
     groups as g
     on i.group_id = g.id
where i.id in (select top 2 i2.id
               from items i2
               where i2.group_id = i.group_id
               order by i2.score desc

Instead, you will need to enumerate the values and this is expensive in MS Access:

select i.*
from (select i.*,
             (select count(*)
              from items i2
              where i2.group_id = i.group_id and
                    (i2.score < i.score or
                     i2.score = i.score and i2.id <= i2.id
             ) as seqnum
      from items as i
     ) as i inner join
     groups as g
     on i.group_id = g.id
where i.seqnum <= g.top_count;

This logic implements the equivalent of row_number(), which is the right way to solve this problem (if your database supports it).

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