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Add .apk files in aosp

I need to add some 3rd party apk files to the aosp. Can anyone tell in which folder i should keep these apk files so that when I build the code and image is created it is installed in the emulator.

Its like the system apps are kept in Packages/app folder so need to know where does third party .apk files are kept.

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Adding third party APKs to the build is definitely possible.

Also APKs and APPs with source code go to the same place; the package/app folder.

Adding a new APK to the build

In the AOSP root add the folder:

<aosp root>/package/app/< yourappfolder >

Then inside this folder add:

  • empty
  • < yourapp.apk >

The android make file should have the reference to your apk, add this to your

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)

include $(CLEAR_VARS)


LOCAL_MODULE := < your app folder name >

LOCAL_CERTIFICATE := < desired key >

LOCAL_SRC_FILES := < app apk filename >




Create an entry in the (usually in build/target/product) for your apk add the line (check where all the others are)

PRODUCT_PACKAGES += < what you have defined in LOCAL_MODULE, it should be your app folder name >

Compile the AOSP and you have a brand new app installed on the system.

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