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C++ Question

"cpprest100_1_1.dll is missing" occurred after building. What are the possible causes for this to show?

My program calls the cpprest100_1_1.lib but there's no one who calls .dll file. I tried editing the configuration/linker and put the file directory of cpprest100_1_1.lib but still the error shows upon building.

This is the image

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So this was long time ago but I already solved this issue. The following steps are the process on how I fix it:

  1. I downloaded and installed the cpp rest.
  2. Go to the project properties and in the Build Events > Post-Build Event, I included a commands which copies the cpp rest lib from the installed folder to the project folder/destination where you include your libraries in your project.

So basically, the cpp rest file is missing that's why my program is having an issue.

I hope this helps and message me if you have any questions. :)

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