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Best Bubble Chat for ios UI

I 've implemented BubbleTableView , which i found , lots of community uses that :

But when I implemented, i realized that , NSBubbleData does not take values as array, when multiple value exist, you need to put data in for loop, and it makes 2-3 minutes to get in messages in NSBubbleData because each for loop it appends NSBubbleData . I have to do that because if user opens chat UI, first of all he /she try to get history from the Node server.

After 2-3 messages send, textfield is disappearing and need to pop that UI and get back again !

After these issues , i found UIBubbleTableView not useful for complete handle for Instant Messaging .

Is there any better ChatView UI for iOS witch is open source also better performance than UIBubbleTableView ?

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For Bubble Chat there are so many open source UI which uses so many different approaches, which will not have such problems that you mentioned above.

Open Source :-

  1. BubbleThingie for iOS
  2. PTSMessagingCell for iOS
  3. JSQMessageViewController

Paid One :-

  1. ALBalloonView for iOS
  2. STBubbleTableViewCell for iOS

Hope this helps you !