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Using ES6 Arrow Functions in Node 0.11 w/ Foo.prototype

I'm getting what I see as unexpected behavior in using arrow functions inside a prototype extension.

function ES6Example(){}
ES6Example.prototype.foo = function(bar){
return ((baz) => {
this.bar = baz

var es6Example = new ES6Example


The above code results in the global context being printed out, as well as
being undefined. This is the old behavior. Based on the docs I've seen in MDN I expected this to be bound to the instance. I am running the above code using Node v0.11.15 using the harmony flag. Note that the following does work:

function ES6Example(){
this.foo = baz => {
this.bar = baz


V8 implementation is still incomplete, there's still no lexical this.

That's why, in Chrome node.js and io.js, you must set a special "harmony" parameter to use it : it's not ready for general consumption.