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Android: Find out which third party library is requesting a permission?

One of my projects has multiple third party libraries and one of those libraries is requesting a permission that I don't have defined in my Manifest. How can I find out which of the libraries is requesting the permission?

If I perform the command:

adb shell dumpsys package [mypackagename]

then I see the permission as "requested", but as I mentioned it doesn't exist in my project. There are a lot of third party libraries.

Answer Source

you can find your final permission in merged manifest file at


You can get rid of this with

Just declare the incriminated permission in your main Manifest with the tools:node="remove"


<uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO” tools:node=”remove” />

Even if another third party library is asking for this specific permission, the build will be forced to not merge it in your final Manifest file.

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