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Control Charts Using ggplot2 facet wrap R

I have the following graph:

enter image description here

this was created using the dplyr

functions with

slopes %>%
head(12) %>%
inner_join(word_month_counts, by = "word") %>%
mutate(word = reorder(word, -estimate)) %>%
ggplot(aes(month, prop_per_month, color = word)) +
geom_line(show.legend = FALSE,lwd=1.3) +
facet_wrap(~ word, scales = "free_y")

I want to replace this with control charts and I have looked here and here but can't seem to workout how to incorporate when using

I have been playing with the qcc and qicharts like:


Datetime <- c("2015-09-29AM", "2015-09-29PM" ,"2015-09-30AM", "2015-09-30PM", "2015-10-01AM" ,"2015-10-01PM"
,"2015-10-02AM", "2015-10-02PM" ,"2015-10-03AM" ,"2015-10-03PM", "2015-10-04AM" ,"2015-10-04PM"
,"2015-10-05AM", "2015-10-05PM", "2015-10-06AM" ,"2015-10-06PM")
FailRate_M1 <- c(5045,4350,4350,3975,4290,4430,4485,4285,3980,3925,3645,3760,3300,3685,3463,5200)

df1 <- data.frame(Datetime,FailRate_M1)

x = Datetime,
data = df1,
chart = 'c',
runvals = TRUE,
cex = 1.2,
main = 'Measurement Fail Rate (M1)',
ylab = 'MFR (%)',
xlab = 'Datetime')

Any pointers or code example with
ggplot2 facet_wrap
would be highly appreciated

Answer Source

You can try:

# as you provided no reproducible example, I added afactor gr for the facet.
df1 <- data.frame(Datetime,FailRate_M1, gr=gl(2,8) )

# calculate the cl, ucl and lcl per group
df2 <- lapply(split(df1, df1$gr), function(data){
  a <- qic(FailRate_M1,               
           x        = Datetime,              
           data     = data,                  
           chart    = 'c',
           runvals  = TRUE)$ucl,cl= a$cl, lcl= a$lcl)

# the final data.frame  
df3 <- cbind(df1,,df2))  

# and the final plot
ggplot(df3, aes(x=Datetime, y=FailRate_M1, group=gr)) + 
  geom_line(show.legend = FALSE,lwd=1.3) +
  geom_line(aes(x=Datetime, y=ucl)) +
  geom_line(aes(x=Datetime, y=cl)) +
  geom_line(aes(x=Datetime, y=lcl)) +
  facet_wrap(~ gr, scales = "free_x") 

enter image description here

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