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Changing the priority of markers in eclipse

When I set a break point on a row which already has a marker(The value of the local variable is not used) on it, I cannot see the break point marker; because the yellow lamp marker covers the break point marker.

Is it possible to change the priority of the markers so that the break point sits on top of the lamp marker?

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As long as @Mena answer is ok, as he sais...

Use at your own risk :)

This can be dangerous in a big project.

To avoid problems with hided warnings due configurations, what I usually do is:

  • Leave config as is, to see warnings.
  • Remove all really unnecessary lines causing warnings
  • Add an annotation to method still having warnings but needing breakpoint at same line.
    You can annotate class if necessary when massive warnings or breakpoints needed.

    public void yourMethod() {

This will allow you to handle warnings individually and see breakpoints when necessary.

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