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Ruby Question

How to use descendants in nokogiri

I have something like

doc.css('results[name="test"]').map { |node| file.write node.ancestors("tests").first['name']; file.write "\n" }

But what I want to write is

doc.css('tests').map{ |node| file.write node.first['name'] if node.descendants('results').first['name'] == "test" }

But there is no method
If I want go with the second approach what should I modify in the snippet?

Answer Source


doc.css('tests').each { |node| file.write node['name'] if node.css('results[name="test"]').any? }


doc.css('tests').select { |node| node.css('results[name="test"]').any? }.each { |node| file.write node['name'] }
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