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AngularJS Question

UI router same controller for multiple states

In my Angular JS application, I have 2 views - v1 and v2 and 1 controller - appCtrl.

I have configured UI router as below

.state('profile.v1', {
url: '/v1',
templateUrl: 'v1.html',
controller: 'appCtrl'
.state('profile.v2', {
url: '/v2',
templateUrl: 'v2.html',
controller: 'appCtrl'

I have 2 functions in appCtrl - fv1 and fv2.

I want to execute fv1 when route '/v1' is called, fv2 when route '/v2' is called.

Can somebody suggest?

Answer Source

Inject $state into the controller, and check $state.current.name - It should be profile.v1 or profile.v2, depending on what state you're currently in

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