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Why is Visual Studio warning for an Unterminated String Constant

In this .aspx file I am getting a warning saying "Unterminated string constant". I've looked into the error and found that it means there is an open single or double quote somewhere. However, I do not have an open single or double quote, but it is still throwing the warning. Why?

The warning underlines the bolded portion below.
Notice the bolded single quote at the end.


<input type="button" name="buttonCancel" class="btn btn-warning btn-sm" value="Cancel" onclick="window.location='pagename.aspx?aid=<%=VariableName%>'">

Answer Source

Yeah pretty painful. I think it has to do with parsing priority.

Here's another way to write it that won't throw the error.

<input type="button" onclick="<%="window.location=PageName.aspx?aid=" + VariableName%>"/>
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