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Project naming conventions: [Company].[ProjectName] vs [Company_ProjectName]

Is it good practice to name preface project names within a solution like so?

  • CompanyName.P01

  • CompanyName.P02

  • CompanyName.P03

Or is it safer to use a convention like this?

  • CompanyName_P01

  • CompanyName_P02

  • CompanyName_P03

To me, the [.] separator looks nicer, and provides intellisense, but is there any caveat to using it?

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Most of the solutions I came across follow the following convention:


So basically in a company named COMP and a Project Named StackOverflow, you would end up with a project that looks like this:


This allows you to easily manage the generated assembly, so if you need to create a common library to be used in your company. You would name it:


That would easily seperate your company's (or Team's) Dlls from external Dlls and Nuget Packages.