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Jquery help to enforce maxlength on textarea?

Here is Jquery to enforce maxlength for textarea when you add the attribute "maxlength". Maxlength is not supported with IE. How do I adjust my code to handle multiple textarea(s) on the page? Currently
if I add text to any textarea, they all countdown with the same value.


$(document).ready( function () {

maxLength = $("textarea").attr("maxlength");
$("textarea").after("<div><span id='remainingLengthTempId'>"
+ maxLength + "</span> remaining</div>");

$("textarea").bind("keyup change", function(){checkMaxLength(, maxLength); } )


function checkMaxLength(textareaID, maxLength){

currentLengthInTextarea = $("#"+textareaID).val().length;
$(remainingLengthTempId).text(parseInt(maxLength) - parseInt(currentLengthInTextarea));

if (currentLengthInTextarea > (maxLength)) {

// Trim the field current length over the maxlength.
$("textarea").val($("textarea").val().slice(0, maxLength));



<textarea id="1" maxlength="200" rows="10" cols="60" ></textarea>

<textarea id="2" maxlength="200" rows="10" cols="60" ></textarea>

<textarea id="3" maxlength="100" rows="10" cols="60" ></textarea>

Answer Source

This is the best solution! Put this into your script tag in HTML code

    $(function() {  
        $("textarea[maxlength]").bind('input propertychange', function() {  
            var maxLength = $(this).attr('maxlength');  
            if ($(this).val().length > maxLength) {  
                $(this).val($(this).val().substring(0, maxLength));  

and now use < textarea maxlength="{your limit}" > for {your limit} chars limit.

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