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Convert a row of a data frame to vector

I want to create a vector out of a row of a data frame. But I don't want to have to row & column names. I tried several things... but had no luck.

This is my data frame:

> df <- data.frame(a=c(1,2,4,2),b=c(2,6,2,1),c=c(2.6,8.2,7.5,3))
> df
a b c
1 1 2 2.6
2 2 6 8.2
3 4 2 7.5
4 2 1 3.0

I tried:

> newV <- as.vector(df[1,])
> newV
a b c
1 1 2 2.6

But I really want something looking like that:

> newV <- c( 1,2,2.6)
> newV
[1] 1.0 2.0 2.6

Any help, much appreciated.

Answer Source

When you extract a single row from a data frame you get a one-row data frame. Convert it to a numeric vector:


As @Roland suggests, unlist(df[1,]) will convert the one-row data frame to a numeric vector without dropping the names. Therefore unname(unlist(df[1,])) is another, slightly more explicit way to get to the same result.

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