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JSON Question

Keep duplicated names in json object from jsonlite conversion of list

How can I convert a list to a json object using jsonlite keeping duplicated names?


results in


but I need

{"tmp": ["a", "b", "c"]}

Update: An easier solution is to bundle everything into a list

toJSON(my_list,auto_unbox=T) # properly formatted JSON

Update: This question very nicely deals with the case of individually unboxing each JSON object encoding a JSON expression from R with jsonlite or something else


You'll have to do the object manipulation yourself to reshape your object to get the correct JSON output. To get your desired output, you'd need a named list of arrays. Here's how you can convert your data to such an object

jsonlite:::toJSON(with(stack(z), tapply(values, ind, c, simplify=FALSE)))
# {"tmp":["a","b","c"]} 

Basically stack() collapse the data into a data.frame and then we group the data into lists.