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Subclassing Javascript Arrays. TypeError: Array.prototype.toString is not generic

Is it possible to subclass and inherit from javascript Arrays?

I'd like to have my own custom Array object that has all the features of an Array, but contains additional properties. I'd use

myobj instanceof CustomArray
to perform specific operations if the instance is my CustomArray.

After attempting to subclass and running into some problems, I found this Dean Edwards article that indicates doing this with Array objects doesn't work right. It turns out Internet Explorer doesn't handle it properly. But I'm finding other issues as well (only tested in Chrome so far).

Here's some sample code:

* Inherit the prototype methods from one constructor into another
* Borrowed from Google Closure Library
function inherits(childCtor, parentCtor) {
function tempCtor() {};
tempCtor.prototype = parentCtor.prototype;
childCtor.superClass_ = parentCtor.prototype;
childCtor.prototype = new tempCtor();
childCtor.prototype.constructor = childCtor;

// Custom class that extends Array class
function CustomArray() {
Array.apply(this, arguments);

array = new Array(1,2,3);
custom = new CustomArray(1,2,3);

Entering the following in Chrome's console gives this output:

> custom
> array
[1, 2, 3]
> custom.toString()
TypeError: Array.prototype.toString is not generic
> array.toString()
> custom.slice(1)
> array.slice(1)
[2, 3]
> custom.push(1)
> custom.toString()
TypeError: Array.prototype.toString is not generic
> custom

Obviously, the objects don't behave the same. Should I give up on this approach, or is there some way to accomplish my goal of
myobj instanceof CustomArray

Answer Source

Juriy Zaytsev (@kangax) just today released a really good article on the subject.

He explores various alternatives like the Dean Edwards iframe borrowing technique, direct object extension, prototype extension and the usage of ECMAScript 5 accessor properties.

At the end there is no perfect implementation, each one has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Definitely a really good read:

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