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Laravel get all records who have category

So I've been struggling with this for a while now.
I wan't to get all 'products' which contain a certain pivot


So I have a route:

Route::get('products/{category}', ['as' => 'category.products', 'uses' => 'ProductsController@getCatProducts']);

And a Product model with:

public function categories()
return $this->belongsToMany(Category::class);

And then my controller:

public function getCatProducts($categoryUrl)
$products = Product::get();

$productsWithCat = [];

// loop through all projects
foreach($products as $product) {

// loop through all categories assigned to product
$categories = $product->categories;
foreach($categories as $category) {

// check if product has category from url
if ($category->title == $categoryUrl) {
array_push($productsWithCat, $product);

$category = $categoryUrl;
$products = $productsWithCat;

return view('pages.category-products', compact('products', 'category'));

So this works, but there is probably a much better way of doing this.
Something like:

$products = Product::with('categories.title', $categoryUrl)->get();

Also my way returns an array and not a collection anymore, so I can't even get to the categories in my blade.

I hope someone can help me out.


Answer Source

There is a much better way and you were close...

$products = Product::with('categories')
    ->whereHas('categories', function($q) use ($categoryUrl) {
        $q->where('title', $categoryUrl);
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