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MySQL Question

Exclude results in Mysql, NOT IN

I need help to write an SQL but i have no idea in this case how.
Tried many different options but nonthing worked.

I have 2 tables in my mysql database

users (id, name, lastname)
blocked_users (id, user_id, blocked_id)

users table
id name lastname
1 nick james
2 james dean
3 mike bendon

blocked_users table
id user_id blocked_id
1 2 1
2 2 3


What i would like to do is display all users in users table but exclude in this case
those which are blocked by user_id 2.

So if i'm example logged in as Mike Bendon (id 3 in users table)
i should not be able to se james dean (id 2 in users table) because he has blocked me.

Answer Source

Not sure of how to run that with php, but I think this SQL should do what you asked:

FROM users
(SELECT user_id FROM blocked_users WHERE blocked_id = $logged_id);

Edit after comment: Sorry, I misread the id column name. Should be fixed now.

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