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Set color of NSButton programmatically swift

I generate some NSButtons programmatically with this code:

for i in 1...height {
for j in 1...width {
var but = NSButton(frame: NSRect(x: x, y: y + 78, width: 30, height: 30))
but.tag = k
but.title = ""
but.action = Selector("buttonPressed:") = self
but.bezelStyle = NSBezelStyle(rawValue: 6)!
but.layer?.backgroundColor = NSColor.blackColor().CGColor

var ges = NSClickGestureRecognizer(target: self, action: Selector("addFlag:"))
ges.buttonMask = 0x2
ges.numberOfClicksRequired = 1

x += 30
y += 30
x = 0

And I need to set the background color of all buttons to gray or black (randomly). I have no idea how to get or set the
background color. I'm quite new to swift programming and I don't really know obj-c, so if you'll write it on swift, I'll really appreciate it!

Answer Source

I read throgh the NSButton reference guide, And it seems that the only way to change it it changing the image. But I have gotten a way to create an image using a colour. Add this extionsion at the top of your class file

extension NSImage {
class func swatchWithColor(color: NSColor, size: NSSize) -> NSImage {
    let image = NSImage(size: size)
    color.drawSwatchInRect(NSMakeRect(0, 0, size.width, size.height))
    return image

This will allow us to later create NSImage's using a UIColour. Lastly, When you want to create your button, Set the image using the extension we made.

 myButton.image = NSImage.swatchWithColor( NSColor.blackColor(), size: NSMakeSize(100, 100) )

For the size parameter set it to your button's size.

UPDATE* If you want to randomly choose the colour you can do this..

 var randomIndex = arc4random_uniform(2) + 1 //Creates a random number between 1 and 2  
 var colour = NSColor() //Empty colour

    if randomIndex == 1 {

        //If the random number is one then the colour is black
        colour = NSColor.blackColor()

    else {

        //Else if it's not one it's grey
        colour = NSColor.grayColor()

    //set the button's image to the new colour
    myButton.image = NSImage.swatchWithColor(colour, size: //My button size)

To get the size go to your storyboard, click on your button and go to the ruler tab. There it shows your button's size.

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