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Java Question

Regex that removes everything but the number

I am trying to use java's

methods in order to edit data from a pdf document. The line of data that is returned is:

21/1**E (6-11) 4479 77000327633 (U)

I wish to only store the
into a variable and looking for the correct regex to replace everything else with
. I've tried searching around but nothing seems to give me my desired outcome.

Answer Source

It could be done like this:

String value = "21/1**E (6-11) 4479 77000327633 (U)";
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(".* (\\d{11}) .*");



NB: This assumes that your number has 11 digits and that there is a space before and after.

NB2: It is not meant to be perfect it is only to show the idea which is here to define a global pattern with a group and replace everything by the content of the group

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