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Stopping a git gc --aggressive, is that a bad thing?

I am running a

git gc --aggressive
on a very large repo (apx 100 gb). It's been running since two nights ago, and as of a couple hours, it has been stuck on: "Compressing Objects: 99% (76496/76777)"

If I Ctrl-C the process, what are the consequences? Will my repo be unusable? My intuition says no, but I'd like some opinions. Thanks!

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git is supposed to be always safe from interruptions like this. If you are worried, though, I suggest Ctrl+Z and then run a git fsck --full to make sure the system is consistent.

There are a number of git-config variables which might help your git-gc go faster. I use the following on one particular large repo, but there are many more options to randomly try (or carefully study, whichever).

git config pack.threads 1
git config pack.deltaCacheSize 1
git config core.packedGitWindowSize 16m
git config core.packedGitLimit 128m
git config pack.windowMemory 512m

These only help if your problem is that you are running out of memory.

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