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Download files in queue in Android

How do I download multiple files in a queue one by one! I'm using this as a sample code, since.
I would be passing the URLs to download in Strings from my local DB dynamically.

Please let me know how to do that. I want the download to start as soon as the application launches. Kindly help me out!
Android Dev Type: Newbie
Purpose of Download Queue: To download multiple files from the server after in-app billing gets successful!

P.S.: I already referenced this question. But I'm not sure if that would solve my issue!

Answer Source

A good way of queuing up requests to be handled asynchronously, one at a time, is with an IntentService. If you have an IntentService which reads URLs from the supplied Intent, then all you have to do is create an Intent for each file you want to download, and send each Intent to the service,

Here is a good tutorial.

EDIT: I see you've already referred to a similar question, where the answer recommends IntentService. So, maybe you should use an IntentService. :)

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