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Node.js Question

no eslint output

This might be a dumb question so sorry in advance. I have gotten this result when I run eslint on my file.

0:0 warning File ignored by default. Use "--ignore-pattern '!node_modules/*'" to override

✖ 1 problem (0 errors, 1 warning)

so I include --ignore-pattern to get rid of that warning however I get no response back. Does this mean my file has no lint warnings or errors?

jafar70:~/workspace (master) $ eslint --ignore-pattern ./node_modules/.bin/eslint index.js
jafar70:~/workspace (master) $

Answer Source

Yes, when eslint returns no output, it means there were no issues found.

Try running echo $? to see the last commands exit code. It should be 0 if successful. Anything else is an error. (or for Windows use errorlevel)

You could also test it by intentionally violating one of your rules and running it again.

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