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php convert decimal to hexidecimal

I am extracting a serial from a digital certificate using the built in openssl library, however i am having trouble converting this number to hex with precision.

The extracted number is originally in decimal but i need to have it in hex.

The number I am trying to convert is: 114483222461061018757513232564608398004

Here is what I've tried:

  • dechex()
    did not work, it returns:

The closest I could get was this function from the page but it does not convert the whole number on part of it.

function dec2hex($dec) {
$hex = ($dec == 0 ? '0' : '');

while ($dec > 0) {
$hex = dechex($dec - floor($dec / 16) * 16) . $hex;
$dec = floor($dec / 16);

return $hex;
echo dec2hex('114483222461061018757513232564608398004');
//Result: 5620aaa80d50fc000000000000000000

Here is what I am expected:

  • Decimal number: 114483222461061018757513232564608398004

  • Expected hex: 5620AAA80D50FD70496983E2A39972B4

I can see the correction conversion here:

I need a php solution.

Answer Source

The problem is that The largest number that can be converted is ... 4294967295 - hence why it's not working for you.

This answer worked for me during a quick test, assuming you have bcmath installed on your server, and you can obtain the number as a string to start with. If you can't, i.e. it begins life as numeric variable, you'll immediately reach PHP's float limit.

// Credit: joost at bingopaleis dot com
// Input: A decimal number as a String.
// Output: The equivalent hexadecimal number as a String.
function dec2hex($number)
    $hexvalues = array('0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7',
    $hexval = '';
     while($number != '0')
        $hexval = $hexvalues[bcmod($number,'16')].$hexval;
        $number = bcdiv($number,'16',0);
    return $hexval;


$number = '114483222461061018757513232564608398004'; // Important: already a string!
var_dump(dec2hex($number)); // string(32) "5620AAA80D50FD70496983E2A39972B4"

Ensure you pass a string into that function, not a numeric variable. In the example you provided in the question, it looks like you can obtain the number as a string initially, so should work if you have bc installed.

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