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Get number of weeks commun between two ranges or dates in Jquery or Javascript

I have two ranges of dates. [2016-1-1, 2016-3-1] and [2016-2-21, 2016-10-1] and i want to get the number of weeks between those two ranges of dates useing Javascript or Jquery or any libraries.
what i mean by the number of weeks between thos two ranges if for example the first range is [2016-1-1, 2016-3-1] and the second is [2016-2-21, 2016-10-1] so there are one week between those two ranges that one week is the week from 2016-2-21 to 2016-3-1. i mean the Common

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There's a library, moment.js, that will be a great help in doing this.

Sort the ranges by begin date. This makes it easier to detect the overlap. Then calculate the overlap and turn it into weeks.

var format = 'YYYY-MM-DD';

function intersectDateRanges(dates) {
  if(dates.length == 0) return null;
  if(dates.length == 1) return dates[0].slice(0);
  dates = dates.map(function(v,i,a){
    var start = moment(v[0],format).startOf('day');
    var end = moment(v[1],format).endOf('day');
    return [start,end];
    if(a[0].isBefore(b[0])) return -1;
    if(a[0].isAfter(b[0])) return 1;
    return 0;
  var range = dates[0].slice(0);
  for(var i = 1; i < dates.length; i++) {
    if(dates[i][0].isAfter(range[1])) return null;
    range[0] = dates[i][0];
    if(dates[i][1].isBefore(range[1])) {
      range[1] = dates[i][1];
  return range;
function rangeToWeeks(range){
  if(!range) return NaN;
  return moment.duration(range[1] - range[0]).asWeeks();

var dates = [
var weeksIntersect = rangeToWeeks(intersectDateRanges(dates));