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CSS Question

Can we change browser's native video player's css ? if not what is the lightest html5 video player plugin which can be stylise easy?

Is it possible to just use audio control and hide others from html5 video controls bar?

I want to hide control bar and just use audio turn off/on button. I read revelant article on w3schools but can't find the solution.

Is it possible to change css positions audio mute button? i marked on this picture.

Here is jsFiddle sample.

enter image description here

Edit: Do we have any chance to change video control's css and re-style them for our needs?

If not, what is best and light html5 video player we can stylise ?

Answer Source

You can style the native controls to some extend by addressing the Shadow DOM, using browser vendor specific pseudo element selectors like video::-webkit-media-controls-panel, but—like @heff said—these controls differ between browsers, and building your own offers more control. Remember: html[5] Video is more than just the video tag; it comes with a nice (JavaScript) API.

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