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Android Question

Using SkyEpub jar library in an android project

I am going to use SkyEpub 3 library in my android application to read ebooks in epub format. To get familiar with the method of using SkyEpub I have downloaded its android demo project from here.
Its demo project is working properly, But when I use the skyepub.jar in my own project, it says some methods and classes from the jar file are undefined. Of course in the mean time I am using an unlicensed version of this library. I want to test it before buying the license if it was ok. I doubt that the errors are because of using the unlicensed version of the library in my project.
Can any one tell me please what is the problem exactly?

Thank you in advance.

Answer Source

I found what was the problem. I increased priority of the jar file in eclipse. Now it works.

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