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TypeScript Question

How to write Helper class in typescript?

I have a problem when use


I want create one
file exports many classed/functions common to re-use.

Helper class
need import others service in constructor, so that when another class import
Helper class
, It have to set param is those service. I don't want this.

How I can write
Helper class
, that I can use anywhere when
import {Helper} from ..

This is my sample:

import {TranslateService, TranslatePipe} from 'ng2-translate/ng2-translate';
import {Inject, Component} from 'angular2/core';

providers: [TranslateService]

export class Helpper {
public trans;
public lang;
public properties;

constructor(trans: TranslateService) {
this.trans = trans;
//This is variable for translate function
this.lang = this.trans.currentLang; = this.trans.translations[this.lang];

translate(key) {


import {Component, Inject, Injectable} from 'angular2/core';
import {Helper} from './helpper'

providers: [Helper]

export class RenderTab {
public helper;

constructor(helper: Helper) {
this.helper = helper;

render() {
var test = this.helper.translate('string');


import {Component, Inject, Injectable} from 'angular2/core';
import {RenderTab} from './RenderTab'

selector: 'div',
templateUrl: './HomePage.html',
providers: [RenderTab]

export class ColorPicker {
public renderTab;

constructor(renderTab: RenderTab) {
this.renderTab = renderTab;

var test = this.renderTab.render();

Please help me, thanks.

Answer Source

First of all class Helper should be a service, which should be injectable.

import {Injectable} from "angular2/core";
import {Http} from "angular2/http";
import {TranslateService} from 'ng2-translate/ng2-translate';

export class Helper {
   constructor(private http: Http, private translateService: TranslateService) {



Now you can simply inject this helper and use it in any component you like.

import {Helper} from "./helper.ts";
   providers: [Helper],
export class MyComponent{
   constructor(public helper: Helper) {}
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