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CSS Question

Using the last-child selector

My goal is to apply the CSS on the last

, but it doesn't do that.

#refundReasonMenu #nav li:last-child {
border-bottom: 1px solid #b5b5b5;

<div id="refundReasonMenu">
<ul id="nav">
<li><a id="abc" href="#">abcde</a></li>
<li><a id="def" href="#">xyz</a></li>

How can I select only the last child?

Answer Source

The :last-child pseudoclass still cannot be reliably used across browsers. In particular, Internet Explorer versions < 9, and Safari < 3.2 definitely don't support it, although Internet Explorer 7 and Safari 3.2 do support :first-child, curiously.

Your best bet is to explicitly add a last-child (or similar) class to that item, and apply li.last-child instead.

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